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05-Feb-2020 13:56

The contract was structured so that Panavision could never come back and say that they had already known about the optics used in the lens.

They met with Frazier on neutral ground in Hong Kong (SAR of China) and the company had to sign a confidentiality agreement before they saw the lens.

Frazier’s lens has three revolutionary features: The Frazier lens provides a massive depth of field technology allowing the foreground and background of an image to be in focus.

It is a brilliant invention and when Frazier began using it in his work, it did not go unnoticed.

Martin and Daphne, both dateless, head out for dinner.

Frasier is confused as to whether or not his date with Cassandra, a promotional manager at KACL is just a business meeting or actually a date. In the time it took Niles to put out the flames on the couch, in reality, the fire would have spread to an unsafe level.

"Wildlife is very unforgiving – there is no time to set up the camera and position the shot the way you want it.

Panavision was licensed to produce and market the Frazier lens.

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