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ME, which launched on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2009, celebrates its one year anniversary and wants to thank all its fantastic members for being part of the community.“We’re real excited with the feedback we’ve received from our members since our launch last year,” remarked Nikolas Gough, CEO of Vision Sync, Inc, the company that launched, Social Friends, and numerous award-winning apps, including i Mobile Care, Tat Tap™, and the soon-to-be-launched Social Connect® for Social Connectors to have fun and connect with like-minded people for dating, socializing, and sharing hot local faves.Afterward, the experimenter thanked the male subject and offered to explain the experiment in more detail later.Then the experimenter tore off a corner of the questionnaire, wrote down the subject's name and number and invited each subject to call if he wanted to talk further.The “control” bridge was made of solid wood; was wider and firmer than the first bridge; was only 10 feet above a small rivulet; had high handrails; and did not tilt or sway.The authors expected that people who crossed the suspension bridge would experience physiological arousal due to anxiety and fear, whereas people who crossed the control bridge would not. On the far side of each bridge stood an experimenter who stopped males between the ages of 18 and 35 crossing the bridge without a female companion and asked them to complete a brief questionnaire.You can be sure that the photo is real • Sent photos are automatically deleted after 10 seconds. UPDATE_SHORTCUT, CHANGE_BADGE, READ_SETTINGS,

More generally, researchers have found that when people feel physiologically aroused—racing heart, sweaty palms—they use environmental cues to help them determine why they are feeling that way (Schacter & Singer, 1962).

Dating or searching for friends who are close to you in spirit. PROVIDER_INSERT_BADGE, me.everything.badger.permission.

Features and capabilities: • Free and without registration • Save the history of your favorite messages • Share photos via device camera.

Vision Sync also is launching a location-aware Hyper-Locals news app, Motion Cast™, on the i Phone with an emphasis on Citizen Reporter Casts and Community.

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grew so fast in its early stages that its servers crashed.The app is called You&Me and is the first standalone project out of the company, which currently provides a dating subscription service for singles and couples, as well as a series of media properties covering the topics of sex, love and relationships.

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If they are a potential candidate but you are not romantically involved, you are subconsciously thinking that they may be the perfect one to be in a long term relationship with (or their characteristics / personalities).… continue reading »

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