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As illustrated in this statement, for the early years of the 1920s belts were normally reserved for more casual occasions or styles of dress – sportswear and morning attire.

Alternatively for occasions requiring more formality, sashes were often utilized in place of a belt.

Designers embraced the show stopping appeal of the buckle, creating unusual shapes and styles.

Indeed, Diana Vreeland wrote in her ‘Why Don’t You..’ page for Harper’s Bazaar – “Why don’t you..

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If a woman did not have a small waist she was advised against wearing belts (although this rule is ignored today and for good reason, wide belts are a wonderful figure enhancing accessory.) While fashion designers had realized the potential of creating matching accessories to compliment their designs, the price commanded was often too high for the masses.

order Schiaparelli’s cellophane belt with your name and telephone number written on it? Towards the end of the decade, belts increased in width. For evening wear, belts became more elaborate as befitting the occasion.

Buckles were highly decorative, made from early plastics, glass, brass, silver and paste.

However, Claire Mc Cardell worked to bring affordable designs to the fashion conscious consumer.

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Mc Cardell focused on practicality, comfort, and function.This accessory is very versatile and can be taken from a casual day at the park to a formal dinner party.

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