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Only apply makeup to the areas of your face that really need it -- avoid a "makeup mask"! If you only want the powder in certain areas such as the nose and chin, apply with a powder puff for more control. Apply one coat of lipstick, blot, then finish with a light layer of gloss.If you want to use the powder to blot the shine on your whole face, apply with a powder brush. For lasting eye makeup, first use a sheer, neutral-colored powder shadow as a base.The key is to find a foundation that applies and blends smoothly.There’s no need to apply a ton of foundation to look gorgeous.Apply a thin layer of foundation and then apply concealer under your eyes and on your blemishes.Blend the concealer with your finger to make it look more natural. The bottom line is that finding the right foundation formula and foundation is the key to having a flawless look.

Reality is, the right foundation will actually make you look younger.From the age of five, she grew up between Paris and Cap Negre. After boarding school, Carla returned to Paris where she studied art and architecture at the University of Paris.