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Then, Ramona invited him to a party they threw at their rented house in Miami.Since the two divorced in 2016, their apparent friendship had some people talking: did Ramona and Mario sleep together after the party in Miami?Reportedly, she filed a divorce petition against her husband on 30th January 2014. In May 2017, both Ramona and Mario went to the graduation ceremony at the University of Virginia.On 22nd December 2015, their divorce was finalized. Both celebrated her graduation and shared pictures on Instagram.

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She also discusses her 3-year relationship with Mario following the affair and how Avery Singer never accepted her. I’m sitting at the top of their stairs, like shaking. at the same time he was apparently trying to fix his marriage to Ramona, which led to Ramona sending Kasey some messages. And Kasey says that while things were great with Mario, the fact that Mario and Ramona’s daughter, Avery, wanted nothing to do with her affected their relationship. “Obviously Avery, his daughter, was in his life but you know, it was hard.

: Mario Singer, the ex-husband of Ramona Singer, has made several appearances on Season 11.