Who is lita from wwe dating

15-Sep-2019 02:41

Of course now with the show we get to see the personal lives of some of the Divas and their relationships, but rest assured that for the ones on the show this courtesy about being open about who you are dating slash with is not preferred.If you have ever watched wrestling, you know that these women look totally done up the second they step out into the spotlight.Can you imagine if your boss had any say in who you dated? a number of their Divas posed for Hugh Hefners famed adult magazine.

They are forced to compete with one another and expected to maintain near perfect bodies. Vince is a workaholic, there is no doubt about that so he obviously does everything in his power to avoid getting sick. If you were caught sneezing, you would be getting in trouble later.

In any career where your body is a commodity, things tend to get complicated.

Look at the modelling world, where legitimately anorexic girls would be walking down the runaway.

Women aren't only expected to stay fit, but they almost look amazing.

This means gruelling diets and workout schedules that include putting multiple hours in the gym every single day.This means that the outfits are considerably more modest compared to what Divas had to wear back in the day, but not by much and the things they have to deal with are still pretty crazy! Women who know how to wrestle with the best of them and work hard at it, and are a lot more than just their looks.