Who is kunal nayyar dating

25-Feb-2020 12:12

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This is what he has to say: “My favourite moment was seeing Neha for the first time that day.

It still gives me the shivers to think of how beautiful she looked.

Kunal stayed for nine more days in Delhi and all those days they spent a lot of time together.

At the culmination of his India tour, he was sure that he wanted to take this relationship seriously.

Potentially, there's still time for Raj to find love.

He said that during a table read for the finale last season, Nayyar did show a little bit of annoyance that Raj hasn't found his main squeeze yet.

Per Holland: As you probably remember, during Amy and Sheldon's wedding, Stuart convinces Denise to go with him to the wedding, although she really only wants to go after finding out Mark Hamill will be there.

Kunal shares: "We talked about our childhoods in New Delhi.

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Gradually, I think she could tell I was not a creep and she began to open up.Giving details of his first impression about Neha to Vogue India, Nayyar said: Recommended Read: 14 Famous Television Actors Who Found Love In Foreigners It did not take much time for the pair to feel an instant spark between them.