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25-Nov-2019 10:04

Zoella featured on the chorus of 2014 single Do They Know It’s Christmas as party of the Band Aid 30 supergroup, raising money for the Ebola virus epidemic in West Africa.

The single debuted at number 1 on the UK Official Singles Chart.

Vlogger Zoe Sugg and her long-term boyfriend Alfie Deyes announced that they had moved into a new Brighton home in 2018 on their daily vlog channels.

At the time fans of the social media power couple were concerned that a break up was on the cards after they reduced the number of daily vlogs they were posting.

‘People were literally like detectives to prove we were together,’ he explained.

‘People love to look into things, which if anything is a negative thing. ‘Imagine if the relationship was a little bit rocky and she starts watching those and thinking “yo, is something going on here?

"We more just didn’t really think it was something that we needed to [reveal].

To this day we haven’t kissed on camera."The Youtuber continued: "People were literally like detectives to prove we were together.

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Zoella, aka Zoe Sugg, has been with her boyfriend Alfie Deyes for what seems like forever. Alfie and Zoe work in the same industry, so it's unsurprising they met through their work.

"I can talk to him about an issue and I don't have to explain it because he understands immediately.