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13-Sep-2019 02:53

We spend the night at each other’s houses and everything, but he won’t completely commit to me.Now, it has been a year of the same thing, up and down between us.He is telling you what you want to hear, but what he is showing you is something else. Pay attention and notice that these breaks are due to you having a child, and your readiness to be a family. Have you thought about dating a man who is more mature, and knows what he wants, and is ready to settle down and doesn’t mind you having a child?You are the one who is being faithful, committing 100 percent of yourself, and dedicating yourself to him. These are things you should consider as you’re on you’re on your break, and what you really desire and want.I did not have him around my son that much until my son was about 7 months.During this time we began to see that we were starting to like each other more than we thought and that it was getting a little serious.What is preventing him from saying that you are his woman, his girlfriend, and he is your man, your boyfriend? He doesn’t want to play daddy, play house, and get married to you. He spends time here and there with you and your son, and he enjoys the perks of your commitment to him, but he is not interested in being serious. You can ask him to be honest with you and to tell you the truth about you having a child, and if that scares him, and if he is afraid to commit to a woman with a child.

we ve been dating for a month now what-65

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When we began dating my son was 5 month old and he knew I had a child and how old he was.So, now we are on a break because he said he needs time to think about what he wants and if this is something he is ready for in the sense of my son and family life and the responsibility. You women will stop giving your all to a man who is only giving you part of himself.