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When a channel has new messages, its name will be highlighted on the channel list.

If using Unread Mode, a new section called “Unread” will appear on the left sidebar, and all channels with unread messages will be moved to this new section.

New team members can join a channel and read all the information previously shared by other users. Public conversations help you build a knowledge base of your organization with minimal effort. Use private groups for subjects that are sensitive, confidential, or limited to a small group of team members. The administrator sets the permissions that determine who can invite others to a private group.

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Use channels for conversations that are open to your entire team. Channels make it easy to find what’s going on with your team.This will open a pop-up, and there you can set the name of that channel if it is public or private, set it to read-only, broadcast it, and invite users.In read-only channels, messages can only be posted by people with the write permissions. Read-only channels are suitable for announcements or voting, for example.\ Sending messages in Fet Rooms is self-explanatory: type a message in the message box and press Enter or the Send Button.(They’ll see a red badge on the channel and be notified via email or their mobile device if they’re not online) You can also inform everyone in a channel by typing @all. Although it is useful for important announcements, it can be distracting if abused.

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In Fet Rooms, you can send a variety of attachments on your messages, like files, audio, links, videos, and many more.

When you press the Up Arrow or Down Arrow keys, the cursor moves to the location determined by the wrapping of the text.

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