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As well is the nine text labels we have three labels that will indicate the fields that will be mandatory.These labels simply have an asterisk inside of them that is formatted to a larger font size and colored red.Here are nine labels that you will need to add to the Userform for now.You will notice that spaces are allowed between the words in the labels and that you are able to change the font size and colour and style to suit your taste.To remove a control, click inside the square to remove the x and then click OK.Note: Not all of these controls are available to VBA Excel. To add a label click on the label in the Toolbox and then return to your Userform and click down on the left mouse button and drag the label over the form until the control is the desired size.

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If there is no data for VBA to find, an error will occur. These three dynamic named ranges will be the values that populate our three combo boxes so we will add them at the beginning of this project. We will need to have quick access to the Toolbox and the Properties dialog box.

Place the curser over the controls to reveal the name of the control.