Validating vat numbers

30-Nov-2019 18:39

Support to help with a couple of technical problems was comprehensive and very quick. Very good extension, our own theme on 1.9 posed a lot of problems because the used files are still from 1.6, so many things are missing. Thank you very much for everything, this module is easier to administer and give a lot of free time, i'd rather spend with my childrens. After we did something the extension wasn't working anymore. The documentation was very detailed on every step: creating tax groups, customer groups, helping us setting up the tax settings correctly for our country, etc.

Support was very good and always fast, many mails were exchanged.

Given that you might well want to check a VAT number outside of the helpline’s opening hours, and that it can take time to get through to a member of staff even when the helpline is open, you might not find this to be the best alternative.

The second option is to use the online VAT number validation service provided by the VAT Information Exchange System (VIES).

If you are dealing with a new customer or supplier and want to check whether the VAT registration number (VRN) they have supplied is valid, there are two ways you can do so.

It makes what is normally a tedious process a breeze; much better than native Magento functionality! We used automatic settings which created the rules needed to apply the EU VAT rules. A fantastic extension with OUTSTANDING support from Sven, who went over and above what was required to get our unique one page checkout integrated and working with the extension for us. I wish all developers offered such great customer service. Easy to set up and easy to understand each step in the installation guide. Suddenly the extension worked again, without any problems. However we were surprised by the fast response and ready to help us out. After purchasing and installing the module, setting everything up was easy.

For example, this kind of validation can be very useful on online payment forms.

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You then simply select from the drop-down menu, the country where the business is located, and then enter the VAT registration number you want to check.

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The site will then let you know whether the number is valid.

This extension uses the EU VIES (VAT Information Exchange System) service to validate the VAT-IDs of your customers.