Validating fuzzy logic values

03-Nov-2019 18:45

I want to be able to parse through the string and assign to each of the user-inputed company names a fuzzy match.

Right now, just doing a straight-up string match, is also slow. How can I give the user some options as they are typing?

there's a UDF for it available here: the downside to using levenshtein is that it won't scale very well.

a better idea might be to dump the whole table in to a spell checker custom dictionary file and do the suggestion from your application tier instead of the database tier.

Sometimes it can generate the same code for two really different words.

Double metaphone was created to help take care of that problem.

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A good approach is to seek corroboration from other data, such as address information, postal codes, tel numbers, Geo Coordinates etc.

During this process, commonly occurring words like 'the','and', etc should be discarded.

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