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22-Feb-2020 13:20

This change will not show up, however, until the document has been saved, closed and re-opened.I suspect this is not optimal behavior for your purposes...The user can't leave the field blank and Bob, Bill or Joe or John for that matter won't cut it.John tried to leave the "Name" field before it validated.The Userform provides the label, text field and command button controls and processing code required to instruct the user and collect and validate specific information the user enters in the from.The Userform, as it is initially displayed to the user, appears below: As the user enters each data field in the Userform the form provide data requirement instructions to the user.Caption = "You must provide your current age." End If lbl_Exit: Exit Sub End Sub Private Sub txt Birthdate_Enter() Call txt Birthdate_Change lbl_Exit: Exit Sub End Sub Private Sub txt Birthdate_Change() b Birthday Valid = False With Me .lbl_Inst. The standard VBA project module contains the code to initiate and display the Userform and process the Userform data into the document.Caption = "Enter your date of birth (include month, day and year). ", vb Question vb Yes No, "Invalid Format") = vb Yes Then With Phone . The standard module code is shown below: On Error Go To Err_Handler: 'Use the form text field property values as the text value for inclusion in the documetn placeholder bookmarks.

Each data field is presented and validated using the control's "_Enter, _Change and _Exit" events.

I created a template with a custom document property called "myproperty".

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