Valentine speed dating

27-Sep-2019 01:03

(A match is when two people both select the other for connecting on their match card) How can I contact the organizer with any questions?Feel free to reach out to us with any questions: [email protected] if I am late, can I still jump in?There’ll be speed dates, where you’ll be matched to singles your age, before you’re left to your own devices at the after party. Here you can dance to party classics and, if you’re feeling brave enough (cough, drunk enough), you and your new S. Just the FAQs Is there an age range for this event? BARRY’S BOOTCAMP is located between Spadina Road and Avenue Road on Richmond Street.

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Find local singles events to suit you and see who is out and dating in your neighbourhood.

FOAF and BARRY’S will have the right to use the contact information of the participants.

By participating you indeed expressly authorise us to give the contact EMAIL you provided to all the people you are "matched" with.

West Unit 1, Toronto Ontario M5V0B4 Arrival Time: pm Dating Begins: pm Class Begins: pm End Time: pm Age Range: 25-36 Cost: TAX Limited Spaces Available!

Due to class size restrictions, only 20 female and 20 male spots are available for this speed dating event.

You will have a match card with a list of the numbers of each participant you've met.

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