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On a Windows PC with "Media Center" WMC, goto download AIRPLAY client for Media Center. You will not see an Icon or Tile in WMC, but it will appear in the Extras "settings".

You must install Bonjour PSSetup.exe, but uninstall the Bonjour that installed from i Tunes first (otherwise WMC will not show up on your i Phone).

Go to: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts file add this to the file: 74.2 gs.this will force i Tunes to check Cydia instead of Apple. t=276978) 1) "Barrel" (your springboard pages rotate around a virtual barrel instead of sliding left/right) 2) "Frash" (allows you to view many Flash based web sites) 3) "Facebreak" (allows Facetime on 3g cell network) 4) "Panorama" (allows widescreen photo to be viewed as wallpaper spanning all your springboard pages) 5) "Tether Me" (uses built in i Phone tethering USB or Bluetooth) or "My Wi" 4 4.7.7 (tethering)

t=40798 6) "vwallpaper" (allows you to run video as springboard wallpaper) 7) "UAFaker" (fools a website into thinking you have a full web browser) 8) "VOIPover3g" (fools apps into thinking they are on 3G) 9) "Mx Tube" (allows you to download/save youtube videos) 10) "i File" (internal file/plist viewer for i OS) 11) "Mobile Terminal" (terminal emulator) 12) "SBSettings" (adjust Settings with the slide of a finger from almost any screen) 13) "Lockinfo" (adds time/date/weather/calander/rss/email/sms to LOCK and HOME screens) 14) "Winterboard" (allows full customization of your i Phone GUI including Widgets) 15) "Open SSH" (found in Cydia: allows remote file manipulation) 16) "Installous" (and metadataremovr) 17) "Gridtab" Safari on i Phone looks like the grid on i Pad 18) semi Tether for i OS5 19) "Applocker" Password protect certain apps 20) "3DBoard" 3D effect by moving the wallpaper under he icons as you move your i Phone 21) "Cy Delete" allows you to delete Cydia installed apps just like you delete standard apps. This will allow you to use i Tunes to keep a copy of all your Cydia sources and installations.

Its been available since i OS3 (afaik), but required Winterboard via Cydia to use it (Winterboard allowed animated backgrounds as well).

The i OS4 backgrounds have shadow features added and it not allowed on 3G by default. Mobile Store tv.ustream.player tv.justin.player com.apple.youtube Cut your audio file down to 20sec or less. Rename it to .m4r and drag/drop into i Tunes Ringtones folder and Sync. (EXPORT) Use an FTP program (like cute Ftp) to SFTP (secure FTP port 22) into your i Phone via Wi-Fi.

To stream Audio use "SHairport4w" NOTE: Both cannot be running at the same time.

Its built into the Multitasking task bar (swipe the task bar to scroll to the left).

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or for just the calander: Go to Cydia to download "Lock Calendar" this will allow current & upcoming appointments shown on the Lock Screen Its been available since i OS3 (afaik), but required BACKGROUNDER via Cydia to take advantage of it.i OS 4 added new features that are taxing the capabilities of the 3g i Phone.