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15-Jan-2020 21:46

We can’t teach that on this page, but we can give a brief look at some of the things you’re likely to use. This method takes a block of code, and executes it once for each element in the array or hash.

To access SOES, sign into osd.mil/milconnect and go to the Benefits Tab, Life Insurance SOES- SGLI Online Enrollment System. Use the SGLV 8286 to make SGLI coverage and beneficiary changes and submit your completed form to your branch of service personnel office.

(It might help to think of literal text as an This example also trims line breaks for the non-printing tags, so they won’t appear as blank lines in the output.

Usually, your templates will use data from Puppet variables.

The In/Outprocessing center focuses on the installation clearance procedures and individual Soldier readiness verification.

The various installation agencies needed to welcome and depart permanent party Soldiers and their families from Fort Benning are organized by this area.

This is exactly equivalent to the above, but slightly less convenient.