Updating cursor with multiple tables

02-Oct-2019 09:36

If columns were specified in the FOR UPDATE clause of the SELECT statement used to generate the cursor, only those columns can be updated.

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A view with an INSTEAD OF UPDATE trigger cannot be a target of an UPDATE with a FROM clause. Table2 (d1 int PRIMARY KEY NOT NULL, d2 int NOT NULL); GO INSERT INTO dbo. Table2 VALUES (1, 20), (2, 30); GO DECLARE abc CURSOR LOCAL FOR SELECT c1, c2 FROM dbo. Table1; GO Support for use of the READUNCOMMITTED and NOLOCK hints in the FROM clause that apply to the target table of an UPDATE or DELETE statement will be removed in a future version of SQL Server.

This can also be used to change the column to NULL if the column has no default and is defined to allow null values.

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