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21-Nov-2019 09:40

Any update we ship may not have been 100% planned ahead of time.

Sometimes they are mostly composed of ideas generated by the community that we thought would be worthwhile to fast track and ship sooner.

If you want to add an e SIM to your i Phone, and are either a customer of one of those three carriers (or are willing to become one), here’s how to do it. First, this is not a free service — you’re purchasing a second line, with all the expenses that go with it.

Your phone also needs to be running i OS 12.1.1 or later.

Select Add Cellular Plan and you’ll see both your previous plan and the new plan; you can label them as you wish (“Personal” and “Work,” for example).

Hit Done, and on the next screen choose which line you want to be your default.

You can even have two different plans on the same phone — say, one for voice and messages and one for data.

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One quick note before we dive in: When making games alongside a live audience, there's a lot of pivoting that occurs based on feedback.

And if you use First Net, AT&T’s service for first responders, be aware that, according to AT&T, the second SIM may interfere with the first SIM’s connectivity.