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oracle_fdw is a Postgre SQL extension that provides a Foreign Data Wrapper for easy and efficient access to Oracle databases, including pushdown of WHERE conditions and required columns as well as comprehensive EXPLAIN support.This README contains the following sections: oracle_fdw was written by Laurenz Albe, with notable contributions from Vincent Mora of Oslandia and Tatsuro Yamada of the NTT OSS Center.These conversions are automatically handled by oracle_fdw: Oracle type | Possible Postgre SQL types ------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- CHAR | char, varchar, text NCHAR | char, varchar, text VARCHAR | char, varchar, text VARCHAR2 | char, varchar, text, json NVARCHAR2 | char, varchar, text CLOB | char, varchar, text, json LONG | char, varchar, text RAW | uuid, bytea BLOB | bytea BFILE | bytea (read-only) LONG RAW | bytea NUMBER | numeric, float4, float8, char, varchar, text NUMBER(n,m) with m parameter).

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If called with the name of a foreign server, it will additionally return the Oracle server version.

The SQL script shipped with the software contains a CREATE FOREIGN DATA WRAPPER statement you can use.) The Oracle user will obviously need CREATE SESSION privilege and the right to select from the table or view in question.

For EXPLAIN VERBOSE the user will also need SELECT privileges on V$SQL and V$SQL_PLAN.

Special thanks to Christian Ullrich for ongoing help with Windows. More detailed information will be provided in the sections Options and Usage.

You should also read the [Postgre SQL documentation on foreign data] (https:// and the commands referenced there.

For the sake of this example, let's assume you can connect as operating system user That means that the Oracle client and the environment is set up correctly.