Updating a datarow

10-Mar-2020 08:19

NVar Char, 15, "Category Name")) Sql Insert Command1. Also I cannot think of a case where I would NOT want Accept Changes called when I called Update, there may be a case, however I cannot think of one... Add(dr Row) dim cmd as new SQLcommandbuilder(nwind DA) if nwind DS.haschanges then nwind DA. Close end sub /// I deleted the (does the dataadapter) and changed some things to add a row. that page does not explicitly state that Update calls Accept Changes, nor do I see where it states (on that page) that you need to call Accept Changes. The only reference to Accept Changes is in the note about what happens when Accept Changes is called. New Row() dr Row("Category Name") = "New Category Name" dr Row("Description") = "New Description" nwind DS.tables("Categories"). In the third type of cases, on which are going to focus this article, you may need to update the data base right after the end-user finishes modifying a single value of Rad Grid View. In order to be able to implement this functionality, you can handle the events of Rad Grid View or its Binding Source. Update(Data Set data Set, String src Table) at Windows Application1. Main() in C:\Documents and Settings\TPhalen\My Documents\Visual Studio Projects\Windows Application1\Module1.vb:line 44The program '[1816] Windows Application1.exe' has exited with code 0 (0x0).

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Fill(nwind DS, "Categories") Dim dt Table As Data Table Dim dr Row As Data Row dt Table = nwind DS. New Row() dr Row("Category Name") = "New Category Name" dr Row("Description") = "New Description" dt Table. (I even have searched for "using" on that page) Did you send maybe the wrong link? Close() End Sub Hi Tom, Read it to the end before you become afraid If you do it nice you have to make an Insert, an Update, and a Delete command. Close() End Sub Cor, Thanks so much for taking the time to show me how to make this work. I copied/pasted your code into my ide, made a few minor syntax fixes and got the following error : Unhandled Exception: System.

Calling Data Set, Data Table, Data Row Accept Changes marks the respective rows as processed (Data Row State.