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04-Nov-2019 14:10

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There is no way of knowing where this information will end up, and unfortunately it’s usually in the hands of scam artists.” That could be how Marquardt’s trouble began.Earlier this year, she took out a small online payday loan, but paid it back within a few weeks. First, someone used her banking details to write fraudulent checks.“I knew I had paid [the payday loan] off, but 5% of me thought, ‘Well maybe…’” she said. That’s why I filled out the complaint.” And that’s why Marquart agreed to describe her experience to

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But consumers who have done so likely are facing at least some financial trouble, so they make good targets for intimidation.If a fraudulent account appears on your credit reports, be sure to dispute the error with the credit bureau in question.You can check your credit reports for errors by pulling them each year for free at Annual Credit and viewing your free credit report summary, updated each month, for free on An email sent to what appeared to be ACS’s main office was returned as undeliverable.

But an email sent to the address that contacted Marquardt yielded a surprising “comment” for the story.

Also, it’s fairly easy to create doubt in a consumer’s mind.

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