Toothless dating embarrassed

19-Feb-2020 06:55

I figured that Dad just got home from helping preparing the festival that will happen next week.The warmth of the Room wrapping me in a tight blanket of warmth and comfort, dragging me towards the fire, wanting to share its warmth and hospitality with it.Without the need for another invitation I headed inside, past my Dad and closely followed by my fellow Dragon, Toothless.The fire in the main Room was blistering, hinting that it was just freshly lit up.My Dad, although known for being a Hard Shell to crack open, his soft side had shown out just at the right time.He sobbed a little, knowing that I would gladly take his gift and knowing already that I won’t be there for most of Snoggletog.

This is going to be very light hearted, very warm kind of Fanfiction, without sexual stuff though. So, if you ever feel down and have the need to get your mood back up, I hope this can help you.

Toothless and I were soaring above the village as we did so often in the days before Snoggletog (The Vikings equivalent of Christmas for us).

It is a full week event and is celebrated by the whole village.

He crisscrossed his Paws and rested his Head onto it, keeping one Eye open, staring towards me with that all around Happy look. His glare now supported by Two Emerald Green Eyes, pupils round as the Sun in the middle of day.

He told me without saying a Word or growling in any sort or way that he was as excited as I was.

In a mere few moments we landed right in front of our door, snow being launched, pulverized, in the Air by the Great Night Fury’s Wings.