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24-Jan-2020 16:58

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Contrary to what judges and mediators may believe and contrary to what you feel you should do (by society’s norms), you don’t have to co-parent with your ex. I tried everything and was confident in the fact that I was doing everything to the best of my ability to make our co-parenting relationship work. One day, while scouring the internet on how to be a better co-parent, I came across a life-altering Huffington Post article by Virginia Gilbert about parallel parenting.

If the above sounds at all familiar, stop spending your days frustrated and exhausted from your efforts. I had never heard the term before and felt hopeful. Sometimes even our best efforts leave nothing but damage in its wake.

And all you did was suggest that the kids should have similar bedtimes in both homes, after finding out they don’t have a bedtime at his house. You’ve been told by your therapist that you’re doing all the right things in your attempts to co-parent. Any suggestions you’ve made over the last few years have been shut down in a similar manner. Your ex hires a lawyer to fight for him now that you have stopped responding to his combative emails.

It doesn’t matter to him that you were trying to provide consistency between the two homes as the kids adjust to their new post-divorce lives. You feel relieved and reassured that it’s not you at the root of these problems. At your therapist’s recommendation, you email your ex requesting that you both see a mediator to help develop better co-parenting skills. Instead, your ex responds by yelling at you via email saying that you can’t tell him what to do! At this point, your therapist advises that you stop responding to your ex’s harassing emails. As a result, there are now judges and mediators telling you that you need to “learn” how to co-parent. They tell you to put aside your differences for the sake of the kids. You would move mountains for them, and that’s what this entire process feels like.

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started at rock bottom, depressed, suicidal and without hope.

Or what if as you are trying to paddle for the both of you, he sticks his paddle straight down into the water in an attempt to stop all forward motion? Maybe you have joint custody or maybe shared 50/50 custody.