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They ask about what is happening, but the irritable kids almost never give any answers.This stresses the situation between both sides, and teenagers have concerns about both school and their homes. This is the best and the worst period during a relationship.The couple feels love, pride, and confidence while they are holding hands, showing everyone how much they love each other.Both sides feel secure and sweet because they know someone cares about them and loves them as much as their parents. Both sides are scared about the other side having an affair, so any messaging with another boy or girl will be seen as betrayal.In the end, the betrayed side will be very depressed and devastated. It is a waste of time to put too much effort into them.However, having some relationship experience can help in dealing with different kinds of situations when kids grow up, and also help when deciding who they want to spend the rest of their lives with.target=https://com/articles/SB121434807055501441","logout Url":"https://com/logout? Q: I’m a freshman in high school and getting ready to take a girl on a first “real date.” I like her, and she likes me so I think it should go well.

The relationship becomes unstable and all the ridiculous scenarios in soap operas happen in real life.

Teenagers during this period are the most unreasonable creatures on Earth.

If one side gets another boy or girlfriend, the other side feels betrayed, and revenge plans start to pop out into their minds, making them the most dangerous animal that ever existed.

But in most cases, the couple breaks up and feels the extravagant taste of freedom.

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The feeling of freedom will impact those teenagers for a long time until they feel lonely again.They feel anxious about what the crush is doing at every moment, and feel secretly excited when they take a step near the crush.