Synology no ip not updating 40 and over video sex chat

05-Feb-2020 00:21

synology no ip not updating-44

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So if your Web server is on 192.1, you should use this address.Also to be sure that the device keeps the same IP address, you should use the MAC/IP binding.The installation process for this script is identical to that outlined in a previous post, Reconnecting a failed VPN connection on Synology DSM 6.If you need help with the following steps, please refer to that post, in which I describe them in more detail.Not if you change system admin port to another port.Because if I would not have changed it everytime someone would hit my domain they would be brought to my NAS admin page and not the website hosted on the NAS.

Finally, you will need to copy and paste the entire body of the following script into the User-defined script box.

Before you click OK, make sure you modify the variables near the top of the script. /bin/bash ## Namecheap DDNS update client for Synology DSM 6 ## Written by Ian Harrier ### # Variables # These need to be customized to your environment # # FQDN # The FQDN of the (A) record to be updated # Supports either 'domain.tld' or 'subdomain.domain.tld' # PASSWORD # The DDNS update password from Namecheap # NAME_SERVER # The DNS server used to resolve the DDNS (A) record # Recommended to use one of the domain's name servers ### FQDN='subdomain.domain.tld' PASSWORD='' NAME_SERVER='' ### # Retrieve the current public IPv4 address ### IPv4_CURRENT=$(nslookup myip.resolver1.| awk '/^Address: / ') if $IPv4_CURRENT =~ ^[0-9] \.[0-9] \.[0-9] \.[0-9] $ ; then echo "[I] The current IPv4 address is '$IPv4_CURRENT'" else echo "[E] Unable to retrieve valid IPv4 address from ''.


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