Suicidal dating

30-Nov-2019 04:33

The people who counseled you to keep your depression a secret gave you terrible advice.

We know of many marriages that ended when a new spouse found out about a medical condition that should have been disclosed earlier.

They can live full lives and marry and have families.

Fortunately, you've passed through a very challenging childhood, adolescence and young adulthood, and have found the right mix of medication, therapy and support to enable you to have a healthy, functioning life.

They felt that the trust was destroyed between them.

And you won't be able to hide your depression from your future wife – she will find out about it – perhaps when she discovers the pills you take each day, happens upon your medical records, or sees how lack of sleep and a poor diet can affect your mood.

The depression affects eating and sleeping (too much or too little), can cause difficulty thinking and concentrating, interferes with daily functioning, and can even cause thoughts of death or suicide.

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“At the same time, I have a medical condition called depression.It's much more than feeling "down" for a day or two – some have described it as "living in a black hole," a depressed mood that seems to encompass most of one's life for days on end.

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