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04-Oct-2019 02:53

The office abruptly quieted, and Emma finally cleared her throat.

“I mean, why do we have to make a big spectacle of it? We pitched this as two love experts going toe-to-toe. “The lighting would be awful.” “Well, gosh, if the lighting’s awful, let’s call the whole thing off,” Emma said. And what better way to reward them and encourage them to stay engaged than to allow them to meet the objects of their obsession? “Wait, you mean have random weirdos meet Jake and me?

“Because I have about a dozen reasons.” “What’s the problem, Grace? They’d slipped away to the West Village for his favorite by-the-slice hole in the wall. “And I know there’s no way in hell they’ll get you into Yankee Stadium, but I, for one, am delighted. Perhaps you could just make a little update to that blog post, letting the women of New York know that my boring cheese pizza means I have a massive member? You know I never lie,” she said as she used her thumb to wipe a glob of sauce from his lip. “I believe there’s a solution to this little disagreement. Suddenly she understood what Emma had meant when she’d said Grace was playing with fire by “going off the grid” instead of having lunch near the office, where they could at least pretend it was only for the sake of work.

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