Speed dating chicago area

19-Feb-2020 15:55

Test your swing playing mini golf, or let your inner competitor come out racing the remote control boats.

The list of fun, date-night-ready activities is never-ending in this city.

Exchanging business cards may not be the most sentimental of gestures, but brutal efficiency is essential when you've got 12 minutes before being shuttled off into the next car.

Every time the wheel rotated the full 360 degrees, we'd part ways with our bite-size group dates, move to the next car, rinse, and repeat.

You know exactly what makes your city one of the greatest places to be in the world – the people.

Vibrant, friendly, and open to just about anything fun, Chicagoans really did break the mold of awesome things.

The evidence was everywhere: Rose-colored tissue paper littered the place. Crass, perhaps, but so is our culture's obsession with performative courtship, the kind in which two parties bludgeon each other with cloying romantic gestures like, well, riding a 200-foot-tall pink-hued ode to true love.

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The rules called for the "spinning singles" to swap gondolas after each successive spin in order to meet with three new members of the opposite sex, but oddly enough, we remained with our same-sex "competition" (let's face it, this event was heteronormative AF) for the entire time.

There’s no excuse for eating boring food when you’re on these streets.

This amazing metropolis started out as a trading post, but it took less than two decades for it to quadruple in size.

Whether you love the ocean, science, or theater, there’s something for everyone. Henry for some of the most delicious breakfast concoctions on the planet, or grab a pint and some mussels at Hopleaf Bar.

Almost 3 million people call Chicago their home – that makes the Windy City the third largest in the entire nation. No matter your tastes – seafood, burgers, steak or veggies – Chicago knows how to whip something up right in time for dinner.I'd argue that the addition of the bigger, flashier navy-blue-colored gondolas was the more significant change.

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