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14-Jan-2020 18:35

The first time you use them, they're not always so simple.

One such thing is the Simplify Music 2 application for the i Phone and i Pod Touch.

That is why Simplifya updated its bundle of SOPs in alignment with the new rules.

We changed 20 SOP templates as a direct result of the updated rules.

Key changes and additions include: An example of a Simplifya Colorado SOP that has been created specifically to address the new MED rules is the Fibrous Waste SOP.

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Although maintaining SOPs is critical, it is a very time consuming task that requires much attention to detail.

Like most people, when my computer wants to run any variety of updates, I click ignore and delay it until later.

Later usually comes when I can’t take any more pop ups, but there are warnings being issued that Java updates should not be ignored whether you are on Windows, Linux or yes, Mac OS.

While most of us were sipping champagne and celebrating the New Year, Colorado’s updated marijuana rules went into effect.

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In a recent blog post, we pointed out the most significant changes to rules.

If your computer has popped up requesting that you update your Java, do it now because a major vulnerability that was discovered this summer has been fixed but only in the most recent version.

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