Silverlight xap file not updating

15-Nov-2019 01:10

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The constructor takes an interface to Generate Number, which is just a class library whose code is included in the download (see below).

This service class generates a random number and returns it to the caller via the Get Random Number method.

Hopefully by writing this down here it won’t get me again. While both WPF and Silverlight have built-in support for implementing MVVM (commanding, bindings, behaviors via the Expression Blend SDK), they do so with varying depth, and, even still, both fall short in terms of providing comprehensive support.

The problem is this: A Silverlight class library whose name ends with “. Fortunately, a wide array of MVVM frameworks have cropped up to fill in these holes.

This makes it look like your software is buggy and that Silverlight is not a stable platform.

That is all you should have to do to get your application running like a champ.

If you have designed your application to have a quick startup and are only bringing down the required XAP files, then the following solution might work for you.

In most of the applications that I design, I have a shell XAP and a separate security XAP that are downloaded immediately and once a user has successfully authenticated then I bring down any other required XAPs.

Get Number and Can Get Number correspond to the Relay Command’s Action and Predicate delegates.

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ICommand gives us the ability to turn off a feature via a Can Execute method and to execute some logic in response to a command via a Execute method. In Can Get Number I simply return ‘true’; in a real application you might have logic here that actually checks conditions and then possibly returns false if you do not want the command to execute.If there is a better solution to the multi-XAP scenario then I would love to hear from you.