11-Sep-2019 12:26

There were several compliants pertaining to my opinions and biases not constituting journalism. I mentioned in the article that I find genitals in monster imagery very disturbing, and it concerns me because I think that feeds into societal issues surrounding sex. The Wet Nurse suckles children, so its appearence at least makes sense, but it still squicks me out.

It was using images of women’s bodies to make money. The effort and quality of the Kingdom Death minis is some of the best I’ve ever seen. That’s, in part, why the pinups make me frustrated and dissapointed. I don’t expect men to universally be sexist, to attack women in any fashion, or treat others in a pejudicial manner just because they’re men. My bigger problem with Warhammer is how deeply women continue to be so absent from the minis. Thankfully it’s slightly easier to cope with those aspects in the Warhammer RPGs, like Dark Heresy and Rogue Trader.

Sometimes, board games have cool miniatures and artistically admirable player pieces.