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It is STRONGLY suggested that schools bring teams to these sessions, if at all possible."The Teachers' Guide to the Fundamentals of Sexual Health Education," 8 self-paced units covering topics such as puberty and reproduction, pregnancy prevention, sexuality and gender, healthy relationships; other elearning resources include: "Evidence-Based Interventions" (free public access), "Building Support for Sex Education in Schools," "Privacy & Confidentiality for Adolescents Accessing Sexual & Reproductive Health Care," "Serving Everyone: Providing Sexual & Reproductive Health Services to LGBTQ Youth," and "Unlocking the Secrets of Classroom Management" techniques for sex ed (free).Day 2 of the training, which is optional, will offer two half-day modules covering two of the following topics: cultural competency, LGBTQ inclusion, trauma-informed approaches, facilitation skills for common sex education strategies.This training covers most of the same content as the 2-day ESHE Academy.

Each one-day training is designed to meet the needs of pre-school and elementary-level educators, school staff, and child serving agencies."Growing Up Trans Professional Development Collection," developed for educators to provide a deeper understanding of gender identity and explore best practices for providing safe, inclusive classrooms and schools.Sexual Health Education and School Health Equity Training Modules: Answering Difficult Questions; Reducing Homophobia in Schools; Becoming a More Culturally Responsive Educator; Social Media 101; School Health Advisory Councils; Mapping Sexuality Education Standards and Evidence-based Curricula.PLEASE NOTE: Participants are required to create an account prior to registering for any of the following training opportunities at

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School staff should use their district email address when creating a user profile.The Respect Workshop -The course teaches school professionals how to provide direct services and utilize school-based practices that promote sexual health and responsibility among LGBTQ students.