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Once the guns are registered, they will pass the Personal Firearm Responsibility Act wherein all crimes committed by someone else with YOUR gun will count against you.As soon as that passes, (state sponsored) home invasions and gun thefts will skyrocket in part driven by demand since non-registered sale of firearms will dry up.Most reported the busiest weekend in sales since 2008. Fresno Bulldog gangmembers came through with two push carts and purchased hundreds of thousands of rounds - several thousand boxes.Interestingly enough, there hasn't been a big increase in gang warfare since then, so perhaps they are selling to others. Not the reason I live here, but it shows some of the quirks and old roots that I do like about the city.At that point you will be forced to buy insurance protecting you from illicit use of your firearm. No more than 5 days, working through the night of the Christmas Vacation, after receiving her orders to disarm the US Citizenry, she introduces legislation to make a criminal out of every American exercising and protecting their natural right to arm themselves against an aggressor police state.Now, the beef I have with many bloggers is when they reprint something without checking sources.The reality is the sicko is planning his wedding to his stepdaugheter that he started banging when she was 17.Now THAT is the true moral compass of Morgan Freeman, anything else you see is what he reads off a script presented by his handlers. The banks have apparently dispensed 8-10B of that inventory already.

The hallmark in the difference between a B and an A student.

This particular store gave away half their stock to the local non-profits that support the homeless.

The US blusters "Don't trade gold for oil, use our worthless Federal Reserve Notes.

Hundreds of pages provide the wrong citation whilst the real citation can only be found, by gross accident or purposely using a variant string, on a handful of instances from amongst tens or hundreds of thousands of incorrect results (noise). Salks work is purposely hidden by search algorithms and planted bad pages. The 'protectors' went along with the sham - criminalizing self-defense and sacrificing the children at the altar of their own political wet dream.

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This is the hallmark of the GS-12 NSA analysts and the army of google dykes and Wikipedia tools. When you rely on 'the authorites' to protect you - you see the results they will grandstand in front of cameras only AFTER your child is killed.Influenza and poliomyelitis are examined from this viewpoint, and data are presented that demonstrate the effectiveness of killed virus vaccines against these diseases.

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