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27-Feb-2020 23:37

How can you tell if a girl/guy likes you in a country where ‘yes’ can mean ‘no’?

Or read peoples’ emotions where pretty much no-one wears their heart on their sleeve?

But the porcelain’s dolls that you can admire inside the “Chinese style” clubs such as Rich Baby in Shanghai are almost always precluded to foreigners (it is possible to get them but you need great persuasive skills, good knowledge of Mandarin, the ability to deal with the guys that brought the girls and the persistence to overcome rejection over and over again).

The reason for which I claim that they are almost precluded to white devils is that these girls, which are so beautiful, submissive and don’t speak a word of English, are contended by all the rich Chinese guys, who bring them to the club with their Porsche, pay for their champagne and buy them expensive stuff.

And in China the social pressure, that is the desire to being accepted by your social circle, is much higher than in the West.[Furio the translator: Correct.

I still remember that beautiful girl from North East China that at some point told me “But dear, I need a Chinese.” And that was all.

Of course there are also Chinese girls that prefer dating foreigners.

As an example, my girl in Shanghai avoids Asian guys since when, ten years ago, she discovered that her boyfriend hired a private investigator to follow her everywhere. However these girls – in the case they are quality girls and not just ugly girls nobody wants to date beside some lonely old foreigner – are always quite international, they often studied abroad and won’t be able anymore to fake being pure, submissive and quiet.

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I can see she’s not at ease while she asks me to organize one of my “famous” pizza & mojito parties and invite my coworkers.

) dating a foreigner brings more troubles than advantages.

The biggest problem is that the girl’s family and friends probably won’t accept this white (or black) devil.

I am willing to make friends in the city so that i can learn japanese language and culture in easy manner.

Hey, iam shiva from nepal and currently planning to move to nagoya for my studies.Read Mama I wanna be a playboy in Saigon to have an idea of what reality looks like (although this example is quite extreme).

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