Seven secrets of a healthy dating relationship

30-Oct-2019 14:05

Most of what we learn about affairs happens in the wake of them; thus eliciting reactive responses, rather than proactive and preventative ones.

In reality, relationships require ongoing evaluation. Just as our driver’s licenses and gym memberships necessitate renewal, so do our relational commitments. ,” which kick up your partner’s protective defenses—inevitably leading to a fight (defend) or flight (deny) response—the following questions are preemptive, empowering, and effective in averting secrecy and betrayal.

Identifying if your partner’s values align with loyalty, interdependence, closeness, cooperation, and generosity may be an indicator of his/her/their willingness to remain committed to the monogamous union.

Simultaneously, those of us committed to monogamy can learn from the polyamorous ideal of radical transparency.

Exploring these difficult questions is not meant to be comfortable, but instead, offer an opportunity to flip the relationship’s script and create new pathways for fostering a more satisfying connection.

We all inhabit rich and imaginative internal worlds, many of which remain unexplored and therefore unrealized.

Like Oath, our partners may also show you ads that they think match your interests.

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Building awareness of our reality is the most important strategy for altering it.Designating what cheating is and is not increases the clarity of relational boundaries and decreases the probability of misinterpretation.

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