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06-Jan-2020 10:38

Experts say these numbers likely represent an increased awareness about the disease, which is leading to diagnosis at an early age.

As the father of an 8-year-old son with autism, Erich Maul, DO, is something of an expert on treating children with the condition.

Y., says she not only tries to limit the number of physicians and staff who treat an autistic child.

She also works to use the same nurses and assistants whenever possible, and suggests that a family member be in the room 24 hours a day.

It can be as simple as mixing liquid medications with a drink in a favorite cup or turning over the care of a patient to a colleague of the opposite gender.

“Some don’t like women or men or blonds, or people who talk too loud or too soft,” explains Dr.

And because children with autism are very visually oriented, Dr.

Stahmer says, her hospital posts photos online of different steps in frequently used procedures.

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To make exams easier for autistic children, many physicians encourage allowing autistic children to manipulate their tools of the trade. Didie recommends setting up instruments like an IV in advance and talking to children about them.Published in the December 2008 issue of Today’s Hospitalist Talk to Casey Drake, MD, about the challenges of treating autistic children in the hospital, and she recalls the family who moved a wingback chair into the hospital room.