Scrabble stats not updating

17-Nov-2019 20:06

First of all, make sure that the option "Prevent rare words" is enabled (Android only).

If it is, but the computer still played words that you consider invalid, rare, or vulgar, please report these.

Heck the last time we were active I beat him like 5 times in a row.

I realize it isn't that big of a deal but if you are going to have a stats feature it should at least be correct.

No pop-ups should ever appear if you don't touch the banners, and you should not be taken to the app store.

In case this happens anyway, kindly send me a screenshot just after the issue so that I can investigate, by "long pressing" the Shuffle button (Android only). Your percentage of victories might decrease faster when you lose a game, than it increases when you win one. Let's take an example to explain it better: Let's say you won 8 out of 10 games (80% win): - If you win the 11th game, your stats change to 9/11 = 82% ( 2%) - If you lose the 11th game, your stats change to 8/11 = 73% (-7%) The apps you buy on Google Play Store are linked to your Google account.

Looking at the rivalries stats also show my dad Tom R. We have played this game for a very long time and have played way more than 20 games.

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Still, no good reason has been given for the removal of the Word Meter (I have asked). Sometimes there's a issueot a glitch with the time on duels.Please note that their multiplying effect only applies to the first word that covers them (see the following section, "How are the scores of words computed"). Unfortunately, as an independent developer, I have no control over the kind of ads that are served by the ad networks I work with.