Scotland and online and dating

23-Jan-2020 14:18

She said: “One of the areas we have noticed is where it is older women – who perhaps have come out of a marriage or are divorced or are a bit out of the loop in how they meet people – using dating websites to meet people.

“When something happens they feel embarrassed and may be less likely to come forward.” However she cautioned against “fear- mongering” around using dating websites.

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When having a conversation online, think whether you would be sharing the same details if you were meeting the person face-to-face.

Sean Sutton, head of national investigative capabilities at the NCA, said a major reason behind the rise in cases was the larger numbers of people using dating sites.She said: “While the anonymity of some sites protects customers who may not wish others to know they are using a dating site, people must recognise that it also opens the door to predators who may use the anonymity aspect to target victims.” A spokeswoman for said it encouraged members to report unsafe behaviour on the website and to the police.