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12-Oct-2019 07:50

Kishimoto had always planned for Naruto to end up with Hinata.cast ended up with romantically was hotly debated by the fans until the series finished.It didn't take long for Naruto to develop a crush on Sakura, which only intensified his rivalry with Sasuke, as it was obvious that she had feelings for him instead. From Sasuke's censored gay scene, to the truth behind who the most capable member of Team 7 is.Here are 20 Shocking Things You Didn’t Know About Sakura And Sasuke From Naruto!He had never intended for Sakura to end up with Naruto.Indeed, she wasn't meant to have been as an important a character as she ended up being.

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Sasuke defeated Yoroi in the manga and he was never seen again.It's still considered by many to be something totally out of nowhere, as nothing in the text before his death supported the idea that he was secretly nice.

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A major plot point of her season was that she refused to make out with anyone; she says was resisting the campy, sexy teenage-girl archetypes that dominated television at the time. “I can’t tell if, on the show, I was more concerned with looking virtuous or actually being virtuous,” she wonders in retrospect.… continue reading »

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