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05-Oct-2019 18:13

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This is especially useful if you want to avoid confrontation with someone you fear will try to intimidate or take advantage of you. However, in November 2017 they also announced a new, somewhat novel approach to addressing the ugly epidemic of revenge porn.But the idea, which is first being tested in Australia, is bound to raise some eyebrows. First, you have to know the images are out there in the first place.With the #Me Too movement, it’s easy to log onto Twitter or Facebook and see just how many women are victims of sexual harassment.Whether in person or online, women everywhere have experienced it in one way or another.

Twitter claims to have improved their system of addressing reports of harassment, but it’s still an issue, and there are still steps individual women can take to mitigate the chance of being targeted.A good indication that someone has been tampering with your account is if you notice unfamiliar activity, like following someone new or sending out tweets you don’t remember.

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