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02-Mar-2020 15:32

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According to multiple sources, Phillippe couldn't resist the allure of other women and openly flirted with them at parties and Hollywood events.

) that a supposed friend of Phillippe said he "once spotted [Phillippe] at a party with some guy friends, and they were flirting with girls all night.

Regardless of the rumors about torrid affairs and public arguments, we'd say that the ultimate reason for Witherspoon and Phillippe's divorce is how young they were when they tied the knot.

This seems like the case for Witherspoon and Phillippe, who have previously discussed the role marriage therapy played in their relationship.

An anonymous source told ) Witherspoon worried about her marriage when Phillippe was away for work, saying, "She hated being in LA with the kids wondering if Ryan was behaving." If Witherspoon had lost trust in her then-husband, it was likely only a matter of time until they split.