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02-Nov-2019 10:05

On the morning of the wedding, I couldn’t tell my fiancé I had changed my mind.

In fact, I couldn’t tell anyone, but my best friend, and I was really grateful that she didn’t try to talk me out of it.

We found three women, who ran away from the altar and left the prospective groom perplexed. ”I began to get nervous the day before the wedding when my two married sisters started teasing me about my shopping habits, and my tendency to want to go off by myself.

They warned me (playfully) that all of that “nonsense” would have to stop.

All my friends were married, and I was the last of the bunch. I realized I wanted to get married, so that I wouldn’t feel left out anymore.

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In two hours, with the assistance of a couple of glasses of wine, I figured out that though I really liked my husband to be, and loved him as a person, I was marrying for the wrong reasons.

"I thought you didn't like her" Lauren began but got cut off quickly. And she's one of us now" The black raven head girl felt a huge relief. Normani immediately gave her best friend a hug "It's gonna be okay. As Lauren was walking to her room she passed by a mirror.

I though you that's what you wanted to talk about" Nornani spoke again "Well she is a part if it" she said shyly. " I just think that you focus more on yourself befotre taking care of someone else and don't even try to deny it because I know you too well" "The truth is that I feel nothing anymore" Lauren admitted "And I would rather be sad because it's better than feeling nothing at all" she said with tears running through her face. After their talk they went back inside the house and since it was night-time they said goodnight to each other.

Lauren deep down knows that she like her from the start because she made her feel something that she hasn'r feel something in a long time.

And it may be more than friendly but it's not like she's gonna admit that to herself.

Scene after scene falls flat, and promising situations are set up only to expire like deflating balloons.

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