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However, the Court in its discretion may utilize the New Hampshire Rules of Evidence to enhance the predictable, orderly, fair, and reliable presentation of evidence. After a default, a motion to substantively amend the proposed orders will only be considered by the Court after service upon the other party. The order of dismissal shall state the reason for the dismissal. Asserted by a Person who is not a Party to the Case. An action under this section is considered properly filed upon the courts receipt of a completed individual or joint petition, a personal data sheet, and the correct filing fee. Should a party become aware of any change in addresses, telephone numbers, or employment during the pendency of a case or of any outstanding support order, that party shall notify the court of such change. All petitions and cross petitions for divorce or legal separation alleging adultery shall contain the name and address of the person with whom the party is accused of committing adultery, if known, and, if not, a statement to that effect. The Petition shall comply with all other sections of this rule. A respondents attorney, who has filed an appearance, may request and accept service by mail provided the attorney files a receipt of service signed by the respondent within five (5) business days of the attorneys receipt of the petition.

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If, by the time of the hearing, there is any change in financial circumstances, a new financial affidavit must be filed and exchanged as soon as the change is known. Each party shall indicate all sources and amounts of income and expenses, and shall disclose the identification and value of each asset of the party, whether owned individually, jointly, or in any other form.

The case manager will explain court documents that will be required depending on the type of action.

If the parties are in agreement, the case manager may assist the parties in putting their agreement into writing on court forms. In divorce actions and legal separation actions in which there are minor children, and in parenting petition cases, parties shall be ordered to participate in mediation unless the Court finds that mediation would not be appropriate due to factor(s) listed in RSA 461-A:7. Participation in mediation may be ordered in new divorces and legal separations without minor children and in those divorce, legal separation, or parenting cases in which final orders have been issued if those cases return to court for further Court orders. If there is a finding of domestic violence as defined in RSA 173-B:1, and if the parties agree to mediate despite the existence of the protective order, all mediation sessions shall occur at the courthouse. The court will be involved in scheduling the initial mediation session in each case.

Intentional failure to disclose any asset at the time of the scheduling conference, or at any time thereafter when an asset is discovered, shall be considered a violation of this rule subject to appropriate action by the Court, including the award of that asset to the other party. Financial affidavits filed in divorce, legal separation, annulment, child support, or parenting petition cases shall be confidential to non-parties.

Access to such financial affidavits shall be pursuant to Family Division Rule 1.30.

If the exact value of an asset is not known, the party shall disclose its identification and approximate value, indicating that the value is an estimate only.

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