Rowupdating in gridview not working

07-Nov-2019 17:06

why are you sendingg both client ID and Unique ID for the same control the javascript? The reason I do that is because I don't want the edit buttons to show if there is no records.

I'm looping because I want to find all the textboxes in the row upon Row Created, and add the javascript attributes to those textboxes.

javascript: Web Form_Do Post B0true)) The code that I changed in the Row Item Created is the following...

The Row Updating event fires fine , but gv2_Row Updated does not fire?The only problem is that when I press the Update button, it doesn't like the javascript in the textboxes, and doesn't fire.I proved this by removing the javascript, which makes everything work fine. e" Where are you getting the Edit command button and command from? Last Name;" Dim cmd As New Ole Db Command(s Select) cmd.

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This is so, because I have an xmldocument coming from a web service to create the datagrid and its columns according the structure of the xmldocument (which is dynamic).THE PROBLEM: You are going on your merry way coding a Grid View (not using a SQLData Source or anything, just the database flavor of the day) and you can't get that update link/button to fire off any event, let alone the Row Updating event that you want to fire.

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