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Is Marketing limited only to 4 p's(Product, Price, Place and Promotion) as been commonly known.....No, the other 3 P's (People, Process and Physical Evidence) are eminent for managing the services and the growing concept "Goods = Services" - the largest contributor in any economy......Then we focus on the linearization of the equations of motion around from a general and purely theoretical point of view.In addition, we show how qualitative results can be extracted to describe the properties of Trojan asteroids.The foregoing rules on forfeiture shall likewise apply even if both parties are in bad faith. 148, only the properties acquired through their ACTUAL JOINT contribution of money, property or industry shall be owned by them in common (in proportion to their actual contributions).There is no presumption that properties were acquired through the partners’ joint effort.We complete our study by summarizing many previous and up-to-date investigations, which focus on their dynamical behavior.

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Any property acquired during the union is presumed to have been obtained through their joint efforts. In cases of cohabitation not falling under the preceding Article, only the properties acquired by both of the parties through their actual joint contribution of money, property, or industry shall be owned by them in common in proportion to their respective contributions.If one of the parties is validly married to another, his or her share in the co-ownership shall accrue to the absolute community or conjugal partnership existing in such valid marriage.If the party who acted in bad faith is not validly married to another, his or her shall be forfeited in the manner provided in the last paragraph of the preceding Article.You are very much satisfied with price, people, process etc........you don't get seats comfortable enough to sit for long. You have gone for a business meeting in summer and the company has arranging for you to stay in a Five star hotel.....

You stayed there for a night and to your surprise the AC was not working ..so you have managed with the fan only for the whole night...

Lagrange points and the conditions of stability around these two points.