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Duties and Responsibilities: At the end of the three years, or when the EC, Committees, and Interest Groups feel the Wild Apricot system is integrated into the organization and intuitive, the EC will discuss whether the Website Committee needs to continue as a Standing Committee or be disbanded.Most businesses, self-employed professionals and organizations recognize the importance of having an attractive, functional website.In the early days of the World Wide Web, relatively few people had the skills needed to create and maintain a professional-looking site, particularly one that offered reasonably secure e-commerce.Some companies simply outsourced web design and management tasks to a self-employed person or to a web development firm.Some businesses continue to use the title, however.Organizations, such as churches, academic departments, fraternal orders and other noncommercial clubs may continue to refer to the person who maintains their website as a "webmaster." However, the tasks performed by this person might vary significantly.The United States Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics distinguishes between back-end web developers, who are more concerned with the functionality of a site, and front-end developers, who focus on a site's appearance.The BLS also states that webmasters take on the role of site administration and maintenance, sometimes even acting as a liaison between the site's owner and visitors.

responsible for updating website-9

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Some tech companies sponsor their own certification programs: Professionals can complete a proctored exam that demonstrates their proficiency in the tech companies software, hardware or other products.Those that do are responsible for managing their own businesses, which includes marketing, prospecting clients, scheduling, and accounting.