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Indeed, Hartmann et al (2001) found just this situation in the Terra Meridiani hematite-rich area, which they identified as a very ancient surface recently exhumed within the last few tens of My, because of the paucity of small, sharp-rimmed, fresh craters -- an interpretation which appears consistent with observations from the 2004 Opportunity rover, which landed in this same general area on a sparsely cratered plain and found sulfate-rich sediments apparently eroding and leaving small, spherical hematite concretions which weathered out of the sediments as they eroded.

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It is not quite a formation age in the sense of the lava flow age, but conveys tremendous information about the erosion/deposition/resurfacing environment of Mars.Much later, the surface may be exhumed, as documented in various cases by Malin and Edgett.