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15-Mar-2020 15:16

He has been keeping the computer room door closed, he has been using a headset so that I can not hear both ends of the conversation, his sleeping patterns have changed and he is up all hours and when I would walk into the room he would close up windows and become defensive. I walked into the room late at night and he became extremely upset. He asked me again, I refused and instead sat on the couch and said I was not moving until he told me what was going on. I asked him if he was talking to a woman and what was going on.

He said that there was a woman on his game that had "feelings" for him. After a few attempts, he admitted that he has feelings for her and that they had been talking for about 4 weeks. He keeps telling me he loves me and that he is not going to throw our marriage away on a "whim", but at the same time he won't separate himself from her or stop talking to her. But I don't feel like it crushes him because if it did he would do everything in his power to fix the problem.

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Now I'm not sure if he genuinely did report me to the police or if he's bluffing, but what would happen if he did?

It will seriously **** up my life over something as pathetic as this :/ Thanks for any help.

Though idk how the situation would be seen in court as in, you thought she was 18 which is believable considering you're in a nightclub.

If she never explicitly stated to you her age (i.e.

confirming she is underage) during the conversations, then there isn't a case to be had (as you genuinely didnt know her age - and as you said, the pictures are not conclusive).

Its only a problem if she said she is 14 or 15, and then you continued to talk in a sexual manner to her. Also, i'm 99% sure the bf isnt going to report anything, he is just scaring you off his gf. So far my parents have had no visit from the police so I think it's all good, and her age was never stated until right at the end when the boyfriend said you're 17 and chatting up my 15 year old UNDERAGE girlfriend, then I replied saying er no she's like 16 because I always thought she was, and then he was like nope she's underage so from there I just didn't reply.

She looked atleast 18 and I she got into a nightclub so she must be atleast 18. She eventually admitted it but what would of happened if they hadn't told me and I had slept with her? This is probably my biggest fear , how on earth does a 14 year old get into a club .

Anyway after a couple of days she popped up to me on facebook acting all horny like and asked me to send pictures, I said no, then she asked to skype, I said no, then she asked to talk dirty and I said I dunno because you got a boyfriend and everything so he could see, how ever I did say to her I would like to have shag her, then suddenly the paranoid boyfriend is like yeah this is me on her account I have reported all these conversations to the police and I have saved them.