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12-Jan-2020 22:06

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That said, it seems that viewers will see Liz gone for just a bit.

Herbst tells that the writers had to stop writing for Elizabeth for a bit because the negotiations were so down to the wire.

Herbst says some even sent cupcakes and flowers during the negotiations and she wishes she could hug them all., she says it is not because she was unhappy.

Herbst says she loves her job and the people she works with, and the fact that she was considering leaving had nothing to do with the writing for Elizabeth or how things went with the Jason storyline.

When she didn’t, the daytime actress became concerned that the writers could be damaging her character beyond repair.

Is it possible Herbst became so concerned with Liz’s redemption that she considered leaving she received threatening social media messages.

That’s not all either, Jamey Giddens noted that that it was difficult for her to portray Liz in the way she was written.

The writing team had an objective in mind where Liz was concerned, and the direction they wanted to go was concerning to Rebecca.

star’s contract was just days away from expiring, and while she would have embraced the challenge of starting a new gig, Herbst makes it clear that she loves playing Elizabeth and is thrilled with where things are headed.Would she have really headed to , potentially to take over Kate Mansi’s role of Abigail Deveraux?Herbst says that she can’t share specifics, but she confirms that there were other soaps who expressed an interest in bringing her on.While it seems that Liz will be off the canvas for a short while soon, good news is out for those anxious to see where Webber heads in the episodes ahead. However, the negotiations reportedly were quite difficult this time around, and for a while, it looked like Rebecca was very likely leaving the show.

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There was a lot of buzz swirling that she might head to The fact that negotiations were difficult became somewhat public, which is not necessarily the way these things usually go in the world of soaps.

Rebecca has had a break in taping as result, which will translate to Liz being off the canvas for a bit this spring.